Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1What's the difference between an Event Planner vs. an Event Designer?

Event Planner

An event planner is a logistical strategist and organizational mastermind. The event planner is charged with setting the timeline and budget for the event as a whole, forging partnerships with the vendors who will service the event, managing this team, assisting the client with organizational tasks to keep the planning flowing smoothly throughout the process and then streamlining the activities that take place on the wedding or event day.

Event Designer

An event designer is the artist, idea-maker and aesthetic visionary behind the event. The event designer will work with the client on everything from creating a floor plan to selecting a color palette, choosing linens, furniture and other rentals, imagining the floral designs and even developing branding for the event.

2Why do I need a venue before I can be provided with a quote for decor/design?

Some venues may provide some basic items like chairs and linens and others may not have those items available. Also, some of the items they may provide may not align with what you may want to incorporate in your event.

3Will $1,000 be enough for decor/design?
Absolutely yes... but, it all depends on the type of event. Decor cost is determined based on what the client wants, expected guest count etc.
4Why Us?
3C-Events wants to make your event an unforgettable event. We will work side by side with you until every detail is perfection in your eyes.
5When is it too late to hire an Event Coordinator?
Two months before an event is always appreciated.
6Is hiring an Event Planner worth it?
Yes, having someone with experience plan an important event is always worth it. You will look back and will be glad you did.
7How many hours do you spend on the event?
Depends on the package you choose.
8What is your payment/cancellation policy?
Our policy regarding payments and cancellations can be found in under our Terms & Conditions.